Best Doctors in West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach is a beach city that has a growing population and median income. It has mixed health outcomes for residents. Some of the health statistics about the West Palm Beach community include:

  • In 2014 82.5% of the population had health insurance coverage. Estimates from 2013-17 found 20.8% of people under 65 didn’t have coverage.
  • There’s approximately 1 doctor for every 1,376 residents.
  • In 2014 the average annual health expenditures for each resident of West Palm Beach were $8,076. That was up 5.05% from the previous year ($7,688).
  • In 2016, local government spent $1,630,000 on health, coming to $14.79 per resident.
  • Overall, Florida ranks 46th of the 50 states for access to healthcare according to U.S. News & World Report. Its healthcare quality was ranked 24th, and its public health ranked 15th.
  • ranks Florida 49th among states for healthcare access and affordability.
  • Healthcare in West Palm Beach is 14% less than the national average.
  • Florida has no state income tax, leading to higher take-home pay. It also has a statewide 6% sales tax, but medical supplies are excluded from it.

In this resource we’ll look at highly rated and popular healthcare institutions in the West Palm Beach, Florida region.

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Hospitals in West Palm Beach, Florida

There are approximately ten hospitals in the West Palm Beach, Florida area. These include separate campuses and treatment centers for specific populations and health issues. The most significant medical centers in the area include:

  • Good Samaritan Medical Center
  • JFK Medical Center
  • Saint Mary’s Medical Center
  • West Palm Beach VA Medical Center

These hospitals provide emergency services, have specialized care in different areas, and treat thousands of patients annually. The largest of these hospitals is Saint Mary’s Medical Center.

The combined hospital beds available among these largest hospitals encompasses over 800 hospital beds.

Pediatric Doctors in West Palm Beach, Florida

Pediatricians treat children and adolescents for standard maladies, conduct physicals, and generally see to the wellbeing of children from birth through adolescence. Some pediatricians are generalists, while others specialize in distinct areas. In large medical centers, you can find pediatricians in the following roles:

  • Pediatric Neurologists
  • Pediatric Cardiologists
  • Emergency Medicine Pediatricians
  • Pediatric Surgeons
  • And more

There are approximately 156 practicing physicians that work in an area of pediatrics in the greater West Palm Beach area.

Larger pediatric institutions in the area include Pediatric Associates Royal Palm Beach, Palm Beach Pediatrics PA, and Pediatric Associates West Palm Beach.

All three of these centers have exceptional reviews, getting 4.3 out of 5 stars or higher from reviewing patients on Google.

They were praised for their kindness, customer service, hard work, and much more.

Pediatric Associates West Palm is opened six days a week, as is Pediatric Associates Royal Palm Beach, while Palm Beach is closed over weekends.

While these centers were praised for their professionalism, some doctors that were specifically cited for their outstanding work include Dr. James Rodriguez, Dr. Griselda Grullon, Donald T Drummond PA, and Dr. Ronald A. Romear.

Family Practice Doctors in West Palm Beach, Florida

General practice means different things to different people and institutions. While some people use urgent care centers for routine checkups, there are of course, more traditional, stable options.

Sometimes you might want one doctor to see your entire family for routine checks and to treat minor issues. It’s useful to have someone you trust and are familiar with to recommend specialists and care for all of your loved ones. The places that provide services to people of all ages are sometimes known as family practices, or doctors that practice family medicine.

There’s often a separation between pediatricians and internal medicine physicians, who do what pediatricians do but for adults (more on this soon). Family practice doctors combine these often disparate practices under one roof.

Family practice physicians in West Palm Beach include:

  • Dr. Laura Balda and Dr. Tarah Freyman at Balda Health: Known for patient advocacy, and coordinating the different areas of care that patients and families need. Ranked 5/5 on Google.
  • Dr. Donald R. Watren: Focuses on building relationships with patients, working on their goals, and preventing long-term medical problems. This intimate practice features attentive care. It also ranked 5/5 on Google.
  • Dr. Ofer J. Shustik: This office asks patients to pay an annual fee for personalized, constant access, included unlimited calls, same-day appointments, and even evening or home appointments. Ranked 4.4/5 on Google.

Internal Medicine Doctors in West Palm Beach, Florida

As we mentioned, internal medicine doctors or Internists do what pediatricians do, only for adults. They’ve spent more time studying and treating conditions that target adults in comparison with general practitioners, or even family medicine doctors.

If you need to see a doctor more often than people who go once a year for a checkup, or to deal with occasional illnesses like the flu, an internal medicine doctor can be extremely useful. They can offer you more care, connect you with specialists, and tailor their services to your needs.

There are approximately 186 internists in or near West Palm Beach, Florida.

Specialist Doctors in West Palm Beach, Florida

Specialist doctors work in different areas and help patients treat problems that stem from different areas of their body, larger health systems, or types of procedures. Some examples include:

  • Rheumatologists (work on ligaments, muscles, joints, and rheumatism)
  • Cardiologists (work on heart problems)
  • E.N.T.’s (work on ears, nose, throat, and allergies)
  • Opthamolagists (work on eye issues, perform surgeries)
  • Diagnosticians (use radiology to diagnose health issues)
  • Nephrologists (work on kidney issues)
  • Obstetricians and Gynecologists (work on women’s health and pregnancy)
  • Among others

Major specialist doctor institutions in West Palm Beach include:

  • St. Mary’s Medical Center
  • And the West Palm Beach Medical Group

St. Mary’s Medical Center offers specialist services in:

  • Vascular Surgery
  • Physical Therapy
  • Orthopedics (pediatrician and surgery
  • Podiatry
  • Neurology

West Palm Beach Medical Group offers:

  • Physical exams
  • Disease treatment and prevention
  • Obstetrician and Gynecologist care
  • Geriatric services and counseling
  • Immunizations
  • Chronic disease management

St. Mary’s is known for its incredible roster of doctors, giving patients an extensive diversity of options for who they see. West Palm Beach is part of the JFK Medical Center campus, one of the largest centers in the area.

Most Popular Doctors in West Palm Beach, Florida

Most of the time, people seek medical care for common illnesses like the flu or bad colds. People also often need checkups, physicals, to get or manage prescriptions, or be referred to see specialists.

For people looking for excellent care in West Palm Beach, there are two spectacular options you can choose here:

  • Cleveland Clinic West Palm Beach
  • Medical Group of South Florida

Cleveland Clinic, also known as Tomsich Health and Medical Center of Palm Beach County serves West Palm Beach and the surrounding communities. It offers patients access to a wide range of specialties like:

  • Breast Surgical Oncology
  • Cardiology
  • Hand Surgery
  • Hematology & Blood Disorders
  • Internal Medicine
  • Neurology
  • Colorectal Surgery
  • Diabetes Education
  • Endocrinology
  • ENT
  • Physical Rehabilitation Medicine
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Pulmonary Medicine
  • Rheumatology
  • Spine Medicine
  • Sports Medicine
  • Gastroenterology
  • Gynecology
  • Oncology & Solid Tumors
  • Orthopaedics
  • Urology
  • Diagnostics
  • Blood treatments and procedures
  • Imaging

Cleveland Clinic Florida was also ranked first in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale metro area by U.S. News & World Report and noted as a top hospital in Florida.

The Medical Group of South Florida offers patients access to the following services:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Internal Medicine
  • Family Practice
  • Chiropractic
  • Pain Management
  • Orthopedics
  • Radiation Oncology
  • Cardiology
  • Lab & Diagnostics
  • Gastroenterology

Medical Group of South Florida is just outside of West Palm Beach in Jupiter, Florida. They’re known for their patient-centric approach, innovative commitments, teamwork, compassion, and strong integrity. They have a broad staff of primary care doctors and specialists.

These are two excellent options among the many medical centers and facilities patients can access in West Palm Beach and the broader area around it. However, both of these institutions have distinguished themselves in BesDoctorOnline’s examination of the area.

Telemedicine in West Palm Beach, Florida

Telemedicine is a burgeoning field of medicine that looks to move as much medical care, including examinations and visits to online platforms. Telemedicine organizations give patients 24/7 access to practitioners, and their services cost far less than traditional, in-person consultations.

Many telemedicine providers can be accessed across the country (although some are subject to local regulations and laws). There are also state by state telemedicine organizations that serve patients in specific states.

There are services you need to pursue in person, but patients are increasingly turning to telemedicine organizations for services that include:

  • Affordable medical evaluations
  • Second opinions
  • Nutritional planning and advise
  • Routine inspections
  • Mental health services
  • Refills for existing prescriptions
  • Evening consultations
  • And more

At BestDoctorOnline, we have an extensive database of telemedicine organizations. Please also look at our rankings of the top online medical providers.

Florida-specific telemedicine providers include: