Best Doctors in College Station

College Station is a thriving college town with generally good health outcomes. Some overview stats about health care in College Station include:
  • 90% of College Station has health insurance coverage
  • There”s about 1 doctor for every 1670 residents
  • Average annual health care expenditures per resident of College Station are presently $6,998. This includes charges picked up by insurance.
  • Health expenditures can be a noteworthy portion of average earnings of $45,515 per family within the metro area.
  • While Texas ranks 51/51 states (including Washington D.C.) for health care affordability and access, College Station actually fares quite will with health care costs much lower than the national average.
In this guide we”ll take a look at the most popular and best-rated medical care settings within the College Station, Texas region. Skip to any of the following topics:

Hospitals in College Station, Texas

There are close to 20 hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and large treatment centers located in College Station, Texas. The largest of these medical centers include:
  • Baylor Scott and White Medical Center
  • CHI St. Joseph Regional Health Care Center
  • The Physicians Centre Hospital
Each of which hold emergency rooms, and specialty care within a number of areas. The largest of these hospitals is the CHI St. Joseph Regional Health Care Center, with over 300 doctors in a very wide area of specialties. When combining the largest hospitals in College Station, over 400 hospital beds are available within standard hospital capacity.

Pediatric Doctors in College Station, Texas

Pediatricians are the child-focusing equivalent of internal medicine doctors (more on them in a following section). Pediatricians specialize in giving care to adolescents of any age, starting from birth. There are a number of advanced specializations within pediatrics that are often available in larger medical centers including:
  • Pediatric surgeons
  • Pediatric neurologists
  • Pediatric cardiology
  • Pediatric emergency medicine
  • Among others
There are around 55 practicing physicians who specialize in some area of pediatrics within the College Station region. The three largest clusters of pediatricians include those working at St. Joseph”s Pediatrics, Texas Children”s Pediatrics University Pediatric Association, and ABC Health Clinic. Of those three large pediatric providers, noteworthy points include the fact that Texas Children”s Pediatrics University Pediatric Association is open on the weekends so you can avoid going to an urgent care that does not know your child. Additionally, ABC Health Clinic is unique through offering Gynecology care as well as Pediatric care, meaning expecting and recently pregnant mothers can continue to go to the same office once they”ve had a child.

Family Practice Doctors in College Station, Texas

In recent years general practice has begun to mean a greater variety of things. Many individuals choose to go to urgent care centers for their routine check ups. There are also many sole practitioner doctors who work in general practice. Family practice doctors are the largest portion of general practice doctors, and specialize in providing front-line care to both children and adults of either sex. While family practice doctors are generalists, this often makes them particularly knowledgeable about many of the health conditions that most affect children and adults, including allergies, the common cold, strep throat, flu, chicken pox, and routine injuries. For many routine tasks, many patients have also begun to substitute family practice doctor visits with online visits. For routine ailments, refills of prescriptions, general medical advice, and some medical examinations, online visits can save busy families the time of sitting in waiting rooms and exposure to potential germs. Find more on family practice doctor telemedicine below.

Internal Medicine Doctors in College Station, Texas

Internal medicine doctors (known as Internists) are the equivalent of pediatricians for adult patients. Doctors specialized in this general adult-centered area of medicine have often spent more time studying the intricacies of adult-centered conditions and diseases than general practitioners and family medicine doctors. Additionally, internists often work as “gatekeepers” of sorts when working with a team of specialists. For individuals who more than just go to the doctor for an occasional check up or cold, internal medicine doctors can be a great resource to facilitate higher levels of outpatient care. There are presently 72 internal medicine-related doctors within the College Station, Texas region.

Specialist Doctors in College Station, Texas

Specialist doctors help to provide advanced levels of care related to a specific area of the body, health system, or procedure type. Examples of specialist doctors include:
  • Cardiologists (focus on the heart)
  • E.N.T.”s (focus on allergies, the ears, nose, and throat)
  • Rheumatologists (focus on joints, muscles, ligaments, rheumatism)
  • Opthamolagists (focus on eye-related surgeries)
  • And many more
The two major clusters of specialty doctors within College Station include
  • Baylor Scott and White Medical Center
  • And the CHI St. Joseph Regional Health Care Center
Noteworthy centers and specialist areas for these two institutions include the following for Baylow Scott and White Medical Center:
  • Advanced Primary Stroke Center (Certified)
  • Chest Pain Center (Certified)
  • Trauma Center (Level III)
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Center (Level III)
Noteworthy centers and specialist areas for the CHI St. Joseph Regional Health Care Center include:
  • Brazos Valley”s only Level II Trauma Center
  • Well-regarded surgery program
  • Well-regarded cardiology center
  • Well-regarded cancer treatment center
  • Well-regarded rehabilitation programs

Most Popular Doctors in College Station, Texas

A vast majority of the time individuals just need medical care for routine ailments including the common cold, flu, annual check ups, and prescription management. For those needing routine care within the College Station region, some of the most popular and well-regarded care centers include:
  • Brazos Valley Urgent Care
  • And Integrity Urgent Care
Integrity currently offers four regional locations and boasts the following perks:
  • Walk-in friendly care
  • On-site diagnostics and imaging
  • Competitive self-pay rates (1/10th or emergency room)
  • Treatment for most common ailments including injuries to joints, bones, and skin
Brazos Valley Urgent Care offers
  • Online Check-in
  • The only urgent care in Brazos Valley with a sports medicine doctor on staff
  • Nutritional Consultations
  • Treatment for most common ailments, routine care, and sports medicine
While these are only two of many urgent care locations within the College Station, Texas region, these time-tested and outstanding service centers are trusted by thousands of patients and have stood out upon BestDoctorOnline”s survey of the region.

Telemedicine in College Station, Texas

Telemedicine is the growing trend of taking care of routine visits and medical examinations through an online portal. Many telemedicine providers offer 24/7 access to medical practitioners at a fraction of the price of in-person medical visits. There are a range of telemedicine providers who are available nationwide (pending local laws and regulations). Additionally there are state and location-specific telemedicine options that offer patients the ability to sync up telemedicine offerings with doctors they already see. Some of the most common use cases for telemedicine include:
  • Routine check ups
  • Refill appointments for existing prescriptions
  • Mental health or therapy
  • Routine colds, flus, and infections
  • After hours visits that don”t warrant a trip to the ER
  • Nutritional Consultations
  • Getting a second medical opinion
  • Cost effective medical evaluations
Here at BestDoctorOnline, we have one of the most comprehensive databases of telemedicine offerings. Also check out our ranking of the best online medical providers today! Within Texas, a range of local and regionally based options are also available. Texas-specific Telemedicine providers include the following
  • Ascension Online Care
  • Plushcare
  • Oscar
  • BCBS Texas
  • University of Texas System
  • UnitedHealthCare
  • Ambetter
  • My AmeriGroup
  • My Remedy
  • Alon Family Health